3D shooter Online is a hit online game. It has funny gameplay set up in the festive Christmas Environment.You are a gift and you need to shoot others. But there is a catch!

There are lots of gifts around but some of them are the players trying to shoot you. Keep an eye on them and shoot any moving gift. Kill them before they kill you.


The controls for GiftHunter are simple. Use WASD to move around and Left Mouse Button to shoot.

You can also press Q to switch to Knife and stab anyone coming too close.


Play quick IO matches with upto 8 players in the room each fighting to death.

Private game modes are coming soon whereby you would be able to create private games of with your friends.

Start GiftHunter browser game online and make your gift last longer and be the highest killer in all gifts.


Blend in between other gifts try to hide till you have enemy in aim.

You can climb trees but be quick as anyone can see you sitting on a tree top.

Use Knife to kill the enemies once they are near you!

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